Mobile-first Websites


Websites we build are 100 percent built for mobile display - FIRST.  Our process is automatically making the websites responsive to desktop and laptop displays so that it is a seamless development for optimum viewing on all screen sizes, platforms, and devices. 

We work closely with you to understand the very essence of your business, not just the products and services, but also the passion that makes you do what you do in the unique way you have. We focus on those aspect that will make your prospects and customers connect with you and deeply brand your businesses in their recall memory.

Bell Construction

This website utilizes nearly all of our services we sell built into a single site.  You'll see it opens to a cover page that displays a background video.  That background video is one of our custom animations.  Once you enter the site, you'll see that the banner of the  page has a background video.  That video is a 360 degree video virtual tour we captured at one of their recent projects.  The website is a wonderful "scrolling" type website that features many professional photos and videos of their job sites, which we captured for them.  There is also a 360 degree virtual tour we captured and created, embedded on the home page.

Pricing for a site like this with similar custom content ranges from $8000 - $11,000

Click the image to open their website.

Shetler Contracting

This is an example of our most basic website.  It is basic scrolling site with a few pages in total.  It has no videos or virtual tours, but it is still a very attractive site and easy to navigate.

Pricing for a site like this ranges $1200 - $1900

(12/21/2017 not linked - still in development)

website screen shot.JPG

Tacky Jacks Restaurant

This is a new website currently under construction - set to go-live January 2018.  This website represents and displays their three locations from a single website.  This website features a wonderful scrolling design and includes videos, background videos, virtual tours, menu (view or download), and eCommerce page.

Pricing for a multi-location site like this with similar custom content ranges around $3000 per location (this example is 3-locations)


This website is another very simple, straight forward, single-page site.  It too features a nice scrolling design, and a background video (filmed and produced by us). 

Pricing for a site like this without the custom video content ranges $900 - $1100
Add around $1200 for custom background video content.