PlacesMobile | Custom Google Street View projects
PlacesMobile | Custom Google Street View projects
Unique Google Street View custom projects - College campuses, inland waterways, large industrial and retail facilities, trails, etc.
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Providing the boating and yachting public with the ability to use Google Maps and the companion WATERWAY VIEW mobile app to become visually familiar with the inland waterways through interactive 360 degree imagery of inlets, rivers, canals, local points of interest, and area businesses. 

WATERWAY VIEW was launched in South Florida in early 2018 through a collaborative endeavor between PlacesMobile Inc and the Marine Industries Association of South Florida.   The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) through Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and part of Monroe counties are included in this launch. The  imagery and video captured are incorporated into the Waterway View mobile app and also published to Google Maps, where it can be accessed and viewed by the public.

WATERWAY VIEW mobile app assists boaters in making both on-water and land-based visiting and purchasing decisions when in-market. Places include:

  • Local favorite spots like sandbars, parks, raft-ups, tiki bars
  • Waterfront and inland restaurants
  • Restrooms, free docks, picnic areas
  • Marinas, fuel docks, bait, shops, and other supplies like drinks, ice, tackle
  • Drawbridge locations
  • Marine services (engine service, shipyards, parts and accessories, etc)
  • Boat & Yacht Brokers, sales, charters, and rentals
  • Boat Shows and other regional events
  • Fishing Charters, Excursions, Water Taxis
  • Important up to date announcements and notices

Actual Street View imagery captured in Fort Lauderdale. Use your mouse or finger to interact


Waterway View
Mobile App


WATERWAY VIEW mobile app is free of charge to the public when boating in the South Florida region and beyond.  Targeted to go live in late June 2018, the app provides the boaters a single source for the boating information and resources needed to plan ahead, and assists them while they are actually there. The app is a direct link to local points of interest, businesses of all types, like restaurants, hotels & resorts, marinas, sites and attractions, events, fuel, supplies, services, repairs,  and emergency help.  It feeds information to boaters as they pass nearby places, landmarks, water markers, bridges, businesses, and more. The app feeds notices to businesses when app users are nearby and allows the business to send a welcome or event notice at that key point in time.

WATERWAY VIEW app has many more features for users and businesses. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request more information.

    Exposure Benefits for Businesses

    Regional businesses benefit through two channels from WATERWAY VIEW; Google Maps, and WATERWAY VIEW mobile app:

    1. Heavy usage of Google Maps “Street View” (by the public) to look at the inland waterways in the region. The waterway imagery on Google Maps is viewed at the rate of about 15,000 views per day, and is growing!

    2. The WATERWAY VIEW mobile app will be the “go-to” tool for the boating and yachting public to use for planning upcoming boating days and also to examine places and businesses near them when they are on the water.

    There are two types of business displays that apply to both Google Maps and the WATERWAY VIEW mobile app. Basic and Promoted.


    Basic Display

    1. In Google Maps
    This is the existing "Google My Business" listing that businesses have in Google Maps.

    2. In WATERWAY VIEW Mobile App
    A basic listing within a single category, limited to providing the public with the business name, address, phone, link to their website, and an inconspicuous map marker.  

    Promoted Display

    1. In Google Maps
    We bring the Street View camera to your place of business and capture the 360 degree imagery on your premises. We can capture the outside property, on the water (for marinas and shipyards), and inside your business establishment.  The images are produced and published directly into the Google Maps listing of your business where they become an official virtual tour of your business establishment in Google Maps “Street View”. This adds an enhancement to your businesses’ Google Maps listing. We also provide you with a version of that virtual tour to display on your own website and social media pages.
    The cost for this Promoted Display option starts at $395 per business location. That includes the first four (4) panoramic images captured at the business location. You may add additional images if you wish to cover more spaces / areas at the location for $95 each. This is a one-time fee for this service.

    Interactive Street View image

    2. WATERWAY VIEW Mobile App - This showcases the business to the app user in numerous ways. Click the "MarineMax" logo to open an interactive mobile app example, then click on their Promoted display to see the content.

    1. Upgrades the inconspicuous map marker to a large, bold, red-color star, which stands out far above the Basic Display markers

    2. Adds the business logo to the listing

    3. Allows for the display of photos, descriptions, links to web pages, videos, virtual tours, online forms, and more

    4. Displayed content can be changed on a monthly basis

    5. Public comments are enabled so customers can write reviews and recommendations. *Comments are moderated to ensure inappropriate comments will not be published

    6. Enables the purchase of iBeacons or Geofence messaging points at key places within your region or place of business.

    The costs for a Standard-level Promoted Display in WATERWAY VIEW mobile app is $640 annually. Premiere Displays are available as well (call our office for details on premiere displays 941 451-6740




    In The News

    There's a lot of excitement about Waterway View!  Click each of the media outlets listed below to read their published story about us.


    Fill out and submit the form below to learn more about having a "Promoted Display" in either Google Street View or the Waterway View Mobile App.

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