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PlacesMobile Inc.  Your one-stop shop for the most advanced VR display at your next trade show.


Custom VR Content

With our own expert staff, we come to your location to capture relevant content for the most immersive, engaging, and memorable trade show display.  From storyboard to on-site video and photo shoots, to computer animations, to assembly, we capture and deliver the essence and passion within your business and present it to your prospects in the most immersive full-VR experience available today.
We work with you to design and create an experience that people move with, interact with, feel, see, and hear.   They will be amazed, informed, entertained, and thuroughly impressed in 2 - 3 minutes.  


High-end Display Equipment

We provide you with a complete VR display setup that is like none other.  Using the superb quality of Oculus Rift, connected to a specially designed VR chair, viewers see, hear, and feel the VR event before their eyes.  It's an enjoyable, memorable, and informative experience that will be the talk of every show.  Interfaced with "tracker" technology for
hand movements, proximity movements,  and head-turn responsiveness.  Your exhibit visitors will be transformed.


Setup & Support

As your one-stop shop we provide at-show setup of your display and during-show tech support to make sure your display is fully functional at all times.
Content is delivered on-site to insure speed, clarity, and no dependence on Internet connectivity or capabilities.
We don't sell you the best content and display and wish you luck - we're there with you to make it a huge success.
We've partnered with the largest and most respected trade show exhibit providers in the world - we got you covered.


When word spreads about the ultimate VR experience at your booth, attendees search you out and line up for their turn.  They will see the amazement and impression of each viewer has when their 2-3 minutes are up.  Each viewer will end their experience with the most memorable experience they've ever had at a trade show and will NEVER forget your company, products, and services.  You will win many prospects at the show, and many more as they will talk about you to others in the months and years to come.



Lessons learned

Content is Key - Experience is fun, educational, and gets people excited about your product in 2 - 3 minutes.

You're Going To Have a Long Line - People are going to line up at your booth, so make sure you are staffed and ready to engage with a large captive audience.

High Quality Hardware - We provide ONLY the best of the best VR hardware;  Oculus Rift with a computer designed by Oculus specifically for viewing VR content on their high-end hardware.  We do not provide mobile phone viewers - those just don't cut it.

Cleanliness - we provide the sanitized wipes to clean the gear after every viewer.  It only take 10 seconds to wipe it clean ready for your next future customer!


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