Street View Indoors Chamber Program - The Details

The Benefits:

Rapid ROI!  This program is so effective and so affordable that your ROI is extremely rapid.  Think about it - how long would it take for someone to see your Google Virtual Tour and say "awesome place - let's go there!"   One day perhaps?  Certainly inside of 1 week!

You get  24 - 7  world-wide interactive exposure on  GOOGLE - on your Website - on the Chamber Virtual Business Guide - and on Facebook.  What more do you need - really?!

Here it is:

  1. Google Listing Enhancement
    Your businesses listing in Google Search and Google Maps enhanced with an official "Street View Virtual Tour".  People finding you on either of these searches will be able to take a virtual walk though your business establishment, which helps them decide that YOUR BUSINESS is AWESOME,  and are  going to spend some money there.
  2. You are provided a special copy of your Google Virtual Tour to embed onto your own website.
    This has so much benefit it is amazing.  When you utilize the embed code to display and engage your viewers, this will have dramatic influence on your website page ranking in Google Search.  There are a many factors that Google Search uses to rank web pages, but two of those primary factors are highly achieved when your Google tour is embedded on your site.
  3. The Virtual Business Guide
    This is a new member benefit feature we provide your Chamber with.  It is the collection of all of those businesses that participate in this program, displayed on a single "Virtual Guide", accessed from the Chamber's home page.  Although this may not be a huge outreach to the general consumer population, it is very significant for the B2B exposure.  It also is a third significant factor in page ranking - having that cross-link from the Chamber's website!
  4. It works on Facebook  - right in the timeline!

The Cost:

Two options:

Option #1 - The best.

Start-up fee:  $225 USD  includes the following;

  • We make sure your Google Maps listing exists and is configured to receive the “Street View Indoors” imagery

  • Two tripod spots at your place of business (each being a 360 degree panoramic image).  If you have our photographer do more than the first two, they cost $60 additional each starting with the third one.

  • A copy of your published Street View virtual tour to display on your own website and Facebook page for one full year

  • Inclusion in the Chamber’ Virtual Business & Area Guide for one full year

Option #2.  The low-budget / not as effective / but still not bad -  alternative

  • We can use the existing Street View image that the Google Car got - that's already in Google Maps, and apply it to the Chamber's Virtual Business Guide.  We'll add your linked logo and some social sharing icons.
  • $60 per year.

The Process:

Our official Google Street View Trusted Pro comes to your business on the scheduled photo shoot day with the 360 camera mounted on a tripod.  S/he will setup the tripod and capture the first panoramic image at the spot in your business that you want your Google Virtual Tour to begin.  S/he will then pick up and move the tripod to the next spot you wish to show off to the world, and repeat this process until s/he has captured all the areas within your business you want to include.
There are a c couple of important "need to know" bits about this process;

  1. The placement of each tripod must be in a clear, un-obstructed line of sight from the previous one.  Spacing is not limited, just the line-of-sight must be maintained.
  2. It's typically better quality to get few or no people in the imagery, however we know that is not often possible.  We take care in watching people-movement and try hard to minimized the negative effect of capturing people in the pictures.  
  3. We can do inside or outside tripod spots, or a combination of both.
  4. If you and our photographer determine on-site that you would be best served by having more than the 2 tripod spots included with your initial paid start-up fee, you will have to sign-off on the quantity and additional costs before s/he will proceed.  We will invoice you for those additional costs within 48 hours.  None of your images will be placed into the production queue until that invoice for the additional tripod spots is paid in full.


On-going Fees

For Option #1

Your participation in this program is not a purchase of a product, rather an investment in an on-going program designed to convert eyes on your web presence to feet in your door.  The initial start-up fee you pay is for your licensed inclusion in this chamber program for the first year.  Near the end of that first year you will be invited to extend it for another year for just $225.  
What you get when you extend your license:

  • Your Google Virtual Tour will remain on Google, on the Chamber's Virtual Business Guide, and on your website and Facebook pages.
  • 2 new or added tripod spot (images) to your Google Virtual Tour - (we want to keep things current and fresh year to year)
  • Periodic view-count stats
  • Behind the scenes tech support to make sure your images remain visible on the web at all times.
  • Email tips and answers to your questions on leveraging your tours, how to add some strategic engagement call to action activities, and more.
  • Technology updates on where this imaging technology is going and invites to keep you on that cutting edge of marketing technology.

What you lose if you opt NOT to extend:

  • You no longer have the rights to display your virtual tour on your website or anywhere else for that matter
  • When Google Maps updates breaks things and your images no longer are visible - we won't help you fix that.
  • You will not be included in our updates and announcements of the new trends in Google exposure marketing and other advances in the online technology marketing space.
  • If you wish to re-enroll later you will pay full retail price to start over (no longer eligible for the Chamber buying group discount)

For Option #2

  • Just $60 per year to keep it on the Chamber Virtual Business Guide.

Important other information:

  • Photo shoot sessions scheduled before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM are charge an additional $70 fee, which will be added to the initial invoice and must be paid prior to the photo shoot session.
  • If you drop or do not renew your Chamber membership it will result in the following impacts to your Google Virtual Tour:
    • Your display in the Chamber's Virtual Business Guide will be removed
    • Your annual license extension will be at full retail - $399 and will NOT include any new or additional tripod shots. 
    • The version you display on your website and Facebook page will be replaced with a scaled-down version (no cool overlay features available)
  • You really must read the Terms of Service - which is basically your annual program contract (option #1 only).