2018 Top Online Presence Marketing for Best ROI


Starting 2018 with a focus on a rapid and long-running positive return on investment of your online presence means you'll need to know what the top technologies and strategies are. Below are what we have found to be the top five technologies a business should deploy early in 2018 to accomplish a rapid return on investment and positive cash flow. These five technologies should be interfaced together as well as stand-alone displays in order to harness their highest degree of effectiveness.

360 degree interactive virtual tour: 

Created professionally for the company website and Facebook page, these are one of the most viewer-engaging interactive image displays that gives interested prospects and customer a virtual experience into your business establishment. When the virtual tour is created by a professional, it builds a professional brand image deep in the minds of your prospects and customers and draws them to come visit your business (and spend money).  Even the popular rental website airbnb is getting on board the virtual tour train in 2018, seeing how valuable it is for attracting and securing bookings for their hosts.  Of course Google has long been an established leader on the importance of virtual tours with Street View, and Business Views. PlacesMobile Inc has been a top virtual tour content provider for Google since 2012, and will be providing airbnb hosts with their virtual tours as we head into 2018. 

Video Ads:

A professionally created 45 - 90 second video ad about your business, products, and/or service.  It has to be short, yet completely connected to what your business provides, or if your business "story" is really fascinating, that is also a good topic to consider. Tip - bad audio will ruin a good video, so make sure you use a professional to create your videos.

Mobile App:

This is the big new thing for businesses. What used to cost tens of thousands up to 6-figures for a native mobile app is now  priced for small businesses.  PlacesMobile Inc has a new system that creates extremely powerful, advanced feature native mobile apps that are priced within reach of most businesses. With more than 70 percent of web usage now coming from mobile devices, it is vital that small businesses now embrace and leverage mobile apps.

Push notifications:

 Using iBeacons, a business can setup a system that provides people notifications right to their smart phones when they come in close proximity of your business, or proximity of a local popular attraction or event. The notifications can be coupon codes or special offers, videos, links to a web page, or anything else you want to use to get people to engage with and come to your place of business.

Mobile-first website

If you have not updated your website within the past 3 years then now is the time to get that done.  Items 1 - 4 above are built into all "mobile-first" websites created by PlacesMobile Inc.  Our websites are completely designed around perfect display on all mobile screens and platforms firt and foremost.  They also display perfectly on desktop and laptops screens, but our focus is on mobile-viewing, and the interactive and engaging features listed above.

For business looking for a rapid return on investment and increased cash flow to kick off 2018 and continue throughout the year, these five technologies listed above are the sure-thing to make that happen.  This is a tried and true, proven strategy, and now is the time to implement it for your organization. Contact PlacesMobile and we'll be happy to answer your questions and provide you more information. 607-227-1367

Happy 2018!!



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