Street View Indoors Program - The Details

The Basic Package - Street View Inside


    • Visually Enhances your business Google Maps and Google Search Listings
    • Embeds on your website
    • Works in Facebook
    • Gets your targeted audience to virtually interact and see inside your business
    • Can boost your local search marketing,  SEO, and page rank
    • Be displayed in the local Virtual Business Guide

    • Two Street View Images (aka - "shots")  inside or outside of your place of business (each being a 360 degree panoramic image).  This covers up to approx 1000 sq ft of area, or two rooms if they are adjacent to one another (refer to the process section below for details)

    • Additional shots:
      If your facility is large and you need to cover more area, you may have us include more shots just the two included in your Base Package while we're there.  Your cost for all additional shots
      (3rd shot an up) are $60 each.

  • Add YouTube Video

    • Cost - $399** (in addition to cost of Street View images or $499 without Street View)

      • 5 - 60 second video montage with music background

      • You get an awesome cover page for all your web presence - you have to see this to really understand it - here's a couple of  examples:
      • You can display the video on your website and Facebook

    Our official Google Street View photographer comes to your business on the scheduled photo shoot day with the 360 camera mounted on a tripod.  S/he will setup the tripod and capture the first panoramic image at the spot in your business that you want your Google Virtual Tour to begin.  He'll then pick up and move the tripod to the next spot you wish to show off to the world, and repeat this process until she has captured all the areas within your business you want to include. (refer to "Additional tripod spot" above for cost details).  Please know that  we are required to maintain a line-of-sight visual connection between each placement of shots.  If that visual connection is obstructed, you may need to either re-position one or both, or add another shot to form an intermediate visual connection.  Additional shot fees will apply for adding intermediate connection shots.

* Line of sight connection does not apply when jumping to different floor levels.

The photo shoot session is very fast and non-intrusive.  It will not disrupt your business activities.  A typical start-up package takes less than 15 minutes on-site.

Things to consider:

  1. It's typically better quality to get few or no people in the imagery, however we know that is not often possible.  We take care in watching people-movement and try hard to minimized the negative effect of capturing people in the pictures.  
  2. We can do inside or outside tripod spots, or a combination of both.
  3. If you and our photographer determine on-site that you would be best served by having more than the 2 tripod spots included with your initial paid start-up fee, you will have to sign-off on the quantity before s/he will proceed.  We will invoice you for those additional costs ( in accordance with the fee schedule outlined above) within 48 hours.  None of your images will be placed into the production queue until all outstanding balance is paid in full.

Important other information:

  • Photo shoot sessions scheduled before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM are charge an additional $70 fee, which will be added to the initial invoice and must be paid prior to the photo shoot session.
  • If you drop or do not renew your Chamber membership it will result in your display in the Chamber's Virtual Business Guide to be removed (not from Google however)
  • All prices are subject to change
  • Read the Terms of Service - for this program participation.

The Street View images and YouTube video are owned by PlacesMobile Inc and copyright protected.  Your initial participation fee grants you full display rights license for outside of Google display for one full year.  At the beginning of year 2 you will be offered an extension of the display rights license permanently just $199.  If you opt not to extend your display rights license you will be required to remove all displays of those from all web and social media pages.  

Google has changed the Street View program as it pertains to displaying businesses beginning 2017.  We do NOT have any control over how Google decides to keep, remove, change, alter, or otherwise display of your virtual tour in any of their platforms.