Big Changes for 2018!!

Effective NOW - websites and native mobile apps are one and the same!!

Up until recently native mobile apps for Android and iOS have been independent and separate existences from your website.  Businesses would have to pay for a website, again for an iOS mobile app, and again for an Android mobile app.  It was a cost-prohibitive and management nightmare situation which has prevented the growth and use of mobile apps.  That is all changed now.  PlacesMobile Inc provides an all-in-one solution. Your website is also your Android and iOS native mobile apps! The build and all edits and modifications going forward are all sync'd together. Your prospects, customers, followers can engage with your business.

There is no catch - no compromise - no gimmicks. Technological advancements continue to meet needs and demands, and this is just the evolution of online display and user engagement


One and The Same

New websites created by PlacesMobile are automatically and simultaneously creating native mobile apps of the same. These native mobile apps are published to the Google Play and Apple app stores for the public to download. What the public sees and engages with on your website, is also on your mobile app. The SEO is built into both as well, so that a Google search will bring up your website and the apps in the app stores.


Designed for Viewer Engagement

There are a vast array of features that we build into your website / mobile apps.  These are all designed specifically to attract prospects with visual-rich content that is irresistable to the human eye and mind. Much of our custom content is interactive, so that it engages them to interact with your website and app. This is a carefully designed and implemented way to deeply brand prospects and customers and keep them involved and connected to you. These features include;

  • Viewer account and profile creation
  • Push notifications that are triggered by the GPS location of your viewers, iBeacon proximity, and/or date & time settings. Push notices can include special offers, coupon codes, links to videos, event announcements, or anything else you wish to share with them.
  • Loyalty club. Reward your loyal customers with gifts. This is customized however you wish to set it up and reward
  • Display Videos
  • Display interactive virtual tours of spaces and products
  • Map and turn by turn navigation to your place of business
  • SMS messaging (text)
  • Viewer commenting
  • Chat


As Guides / Directories

Our mobile apps make fantastic virtual guides and directories.  Our current project in the works is the official NYS Beer Trail Map.  It shows all the craft breweries in New York state on the map.  Each listed brewery marker on the map provides viewers with more information about the business, and provides a few call to action buttons. These are location-based so that they detect where the viewer is at the given moment and provides GPS turn by turn navigation from that point to the business.  It also enables us to include interactive virtual tours as well as videos displayed right inside a listing so that viewers can get a highly engaging experience as they plan their places to visit.

Let's talk about this. There is no better time than right now to grow your business with our mobile app / website service.

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