Affinity Program - Official Google Street View
Virtual Tours Inside Your Member Businesses

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~Jim Hilker

Below is a list of our current Chamber of Commerce partners across USA.  Zoom in and click on any of the "star" icons to access their Street View display page and look inside their member businesses!

read what some of our partners say about this program and then submit the form at the bottom of this page and we'll follow up with you.  


Testimonials From our Partners:

"Of all the new membership benefits we have instituted in the past three years, this one -- by far -- has generated the most interest and the most buzz.   As a tourist destination community, many sectors in our business community are very "visually-oriented".  They not only want to promote their restaurants, hotels, attractions, galleries, facilities, and amenities -- they want to show them off!   I can't think of any other thing we've enabled that facilitates that objective more than this program.  Everyone is trying new technology these days. So that aspect of it is not new for us. There are lots of ways to be on the cutting edge of technology. But what makes this program stand out is the "wow" factor it provides for our entire community -- not just for the businesses who participate."
Ed Rodriguez
President & CEO
Coastal Alabama Business Chamber.

“Rarely have we come across an affinity program that is so beneficial to the members and that returns value to the chamber itself”.  The implementation was simple and the product was very well received by our members.  We found the Google Street View Indoors program to be so successful  that we recommended it to another area Chamber of Commerce who gladly signed on."
Tom Torti
President and CEO
Lake Champlain Chamber”, 


 "I can say that I am very pleased with the ease in which we were able to launch this program.                  A simple email to our membership, and it was off and running.   Some of our members have expressed how happy they are with this benefit.  One member wrote “Google Street View Indoors and related Virtual Business & Area Guide seem EXACTLY the kinds of services the Regional Chamber should be offering. Mucho kudos to all at the Chamber involved in facilitating this opportunity.”  
We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with the Google Street View indoors photography team, and look forward to future growth of this program."

Rachel Flickinger
Vice President of Sales and Services

Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber

Certainly you have questions.  To request an Affinity Program Info Kit and a phone appointment simply fill out and submit the web form  at the bottom of this page and I will follow up with you right away.  I appreciate your interest in this exciting member-benefit program and welcome you to take advantage of it. 


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