PlacesMobile | Custom Google Street View projects
PlacesMobile | Custom Google Street View projects
Unique Google Street View custom projects - College campuses, inland waterways, large industrial and retail facilities, trails, etc.

Good Trip is a very unique new mobile app.  It is strategically designed and created to provide visitors and local residents with highly valuable information about local sites, events, and businesses,  and provides money-saving coupons and special deals when they come into close proximity.  Good Trip is totally devoted to getting people out into the community to enjoy life and save money while doing that - and of course to spur local economic activity to businesses and venues that participate in Good Trip.


Good Trip is unlike any app that has come before it.  It uses the newest visual and communication technologies that make it constantly updated and always relevant and useful. Here are some of the special features and functions included in the Good Trip app;

  • Live concierge availability - through in-app chat window

  • Google Street View virtual tours in the business and venue listings

  • Geofence push notifications - sends in-app notices to users when they get into close proximity of a business, venue, and event.  Push notices can be coupons, videos, invites, announcements, loyalty point awards, and more. Geofence technology also enables us to track user behavior and where they have been and when.

  • iBeacons placed within businesses, venues, events which track user locations and behaviors. These can also send push notices to users. Beacons work indoors when a geofence might not. Beacon signals can be set to a 600 feet radius or as tight as 3 feet.  An iBeacon placed at the checkout of a store will track users that go through the checkout line, telling us that they made a purchase at a participating location.

  • User comments enables people to share their experiences at businesses, venues, events.

  • Loyalty points incentivises users to go to specific businesses, venues, and events and spend money in order to earn loyalty points and rewards.

  • Also comes with a web display version of Good Trip for associations to use on their website as a Virtual Trip Guide - updates with mobile app version.

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If you would like to request Good Trip for your region simply fill out and submit the online form here and we'll follow up with you right away to discuss that opportunity.


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Visit Finger Lakes
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