Street View & Facebook Virtual Tour Program
 The Details

The Package Options

  • Option 1 - The Basic Starter Package (see pricing further down page)
    With this package it is a one-time fee to get 2 Street View 360 degree panoramic images at your place of business.  You may add more images at the time of the photo shoot at an additional cost.  With this package there are no follow up fees, nor any on-going service or support.  This is the down and dirty cheapest package.  You get your completed Google Street View virtual tour created and published and we leave it up to you to make it work for you.  (see footnotes for follow up support fee rates and other important information).
    Your tour will be included in the chamber's Virtual Business Guide for one year (renewable).
  • Option 2 - The We Make It Work For You Package   (see pricing further down page)
    This package is in addition to the basic starter package (option 1 above) - you'll get  the following:
    • Assistance in getting your Google tour displayed onto your website and Facebook pages / timeline
    • Special custom virtual tour display for your website, setup with a navigation menu and information hotspots.
    • Tour is interfaced for all displays, including  Virtual Reality goggles
    • A custom video-background cover page with links to all your web presence (your website, your Google virtual tour, your Google Maps listing, your YouTube channel, and your Facebook page).  
      Think of it as your businesses' web portal.  See Example Here
    • Provide on-going mentoring on creative and effective marketing strategies to leverage your Street View tour and the panoramic images in other ways - to bring you new customers!
    • Analytics and viewer stat reporting
    • Monitoring the up-time of your images - fixing it when it's broken
    • Discounts on adding or replacing images going forward.
    • Add for a custom 30 - 40 second HD video clip $795 one-time fee.
      • Aerial video is an additional $300  (where available)
      • 360 video is an additional $300 (where available)
      • Add for longer than 45 second video duration - $75 each 15 seconds (rounded up)

The Benefits:

  • Engaging interactive virtual tour inside your business on Google Maps,  Google Search and Facebook.
  • Display it on your website
  • Can boost your local search marketing,  SEO, and page rank
  • Be displayed in the local Virtual Business Guide


Is This a Good Fit For Your Business?

You can determine this by answering these questions.  If you answer "Yes" to five or more of these questions, then this program is designed specifically for your type of business.

  1. Does your business service customers / clients at your business location(s)?
  2. When people see your business establishment,  site, or products, does it boost their interest?
  3. Do you want more business exposure to your targeted audience online?
  4. Would you like up-to-date professional images of your business online?
  5. Would you like to improve the look and engagement factor of your website?
  6. Would you like to add a visual enhancement to your Google listings?
  7. Would you like your search ranking to be improved?
  8. Do you use social media as a tool to connect / engage with customers and prospects?

If you are currently in remodeling or renovations, then of course this is not the right time for you.  But if your plans for this are more than 6 months to a year away, then you should do this now because you will very likely see a growth in your customer base as a result of this program within that time frame.  We can always re-shoot after your renovations - it's very affordable, and you could show off a before and after virtual tour.

The Cost:

Basic Start-up Package:  $199 USD (one-time fee) includes the following;

  • Two Primary tripod spots (aka - "shots")  inside or outside of your place of business (each being a 360 degree panoramic image).  This covers approx 1000 - 1200 sq ft of area, or two rooms if they are adjacent to one another (refer to the process section below for details)

  • Additional tripod spots:
    If your facility is large and you need to cover more area, you may have our photographer do more than the first two.  Your cost for all additional shots starting with the third one are invoiced to you at $60 each (one-time fee)

  • All images captured are produced and published to Google Maps Street View and connected to your business listing.  They will remain  displayed in Google indefinitely. (refer to the Terms Of Service for limits of liability in this regard).  There are NO follow up fees associated with this Start-up Package!

  • You have the rights to share, link, and display your Street View images on your website. 

The We Make It Work For You package - $29 per month 

  • See package details at top of the page.

The Process:

Our Google Street View  / Facebook  photographer comes to your business on the scheduled photo shoot day with the 360 camera mounted on a tripod.  S/he will setup the tripod and capture the first panoramic image at the spot in your business that you want your Virtual Tour to begin.  He'll then pick up and move the tripod to the next spot you wish to show off to the world, and repeat this process until she has captured all the areas within your business you want to include. (refer to "Additional tripod spot" above for cost details)

The process is very fast and non-intrusive.  It will not disrupt your business activities.  A typical start-up package takes less than 15 minutes on-site.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are required to maintain a visual connection between each placement of shots.  If that visual connection is obstructed, you may need to either preposition one or both, or add another spot to form an intermediate visual connection.  Additional shot fees will apply for adding intermediate connection shots.
* Line of sight connection does not apply when jumping to different floor levels.

 Once the images are captured our staff will produce and publish them to your businesses' Google Maps listing.  

For Option 1 package participants - Keep an eye on your Google Listing; your Street View virtual tour will appear there a few weeks after the photo shoot day. (we do not send out notices when they are live for Option 1 packages).

For Option 2 package participants - we'll be in touch with you as soon as the images are published live to assist you in the next steps of fully leveraging this technology.

Footnotes to consider:

  1. It's typically better quality to get few or no people in the imagery, however we know that is not often possible.  We take care in watching people-movement and try hard to minimized the negative effect of capturing people in the pictures.  
  2. We can do inside or outside tripod spots, or a combination of both.
  3. If you and our photographer determine on-site that you would be best served by having more than the 2 tripod spots included with your initial paid start-up fee, you will have to sign-off on the quantity before s/he will proceed.  We will invoice you for those additional costs in accordance with the fee schedule outlined in the Cost section above within 48 hours.  None of your images will be placed into the production queue until the invoice for the additional tripod spots is paid in full.
  4. If you purchase the basic Starter Package and should happen to need and request our support later on, the fees for that (at today's rates) are $100 minimum fee which will get you up to 30 minutes of our time. This fee must be paid via credit card at the start of the support call.  After that  first 30 minutes is up, the rate is $100 per hour billed in 30 minute blocks (rounded up) and will be automatically run on your credit card at the close of the support.  If you need an update of your images, your fee will be at full replacement costs at the time of the update.  Please note that these rates may change at any time in the future and you will be notified of and billed at the current rate of that time.

Important other information:

  • Photo shoot sessions scheduled before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM are charge an additional $70 fee, which will be added to the initial invoice and must be paid prior to the photo shoot session.
  • If you drop or do not renew your Chamber membership it will result in your display in the Chamber's Virtual Business Guide to be removed (not from Google however)
  • Your tour displayed in the Chamber's Virtual Business Guide requires an annual fee of $199 beginning year 2.
  • Read the Terms of Service - for this program participation.