Animated Logos


Most businesses have some sort of logo, and every logo they have is unique in its design. The logo not only is the "face" of your company, but many times it is what is remembered when the consumer walks away. So it is a vital aspect of your business. An animated logo is one of the most powerful marketable tools you can have that has a one-time investment to be used for years.

6 Reasons to get update to an animated logo

  1. Hold their attention

    • It has been proven that videos hold a viewers attention longer than a static image. As static logo a person might see it for a second or two and move on. When an animated logo plays, a viewer will most likely watch the entire thing, remembering your logo and face of your company.
  2. Create and Promote Brand Awareness

    • When you use a animated logo you are increasing the level of interest and engagement of your brand. This means there will be a strong connection between your brand and company.
  3. Better Story telling and Emotional connection

    • When your logo tells a story, or creates an emotion, viewers will be more engaged, will remember it better, and want to watch it again. Creating a animated logo that can brush upon emotions will have stronger brand recognition. When it tells a story at the same time, it will be remembered.
  4. More Cost-Effective

    • Animating a Logo is one of the most cost-effective purchase. A regular commercial might cost you thousands, and only works in certain situations and takes minutes to play the entire thing. An animated logo only costs hundreds and can be played at the start of these commercials, on a TV in the lobby, in emails, screen savers, YouTube, and more. Because of the short duration, viewers will most likely watch them and because it is the face of your company people will walk away remembering your brand.
  5. Increased Sharing

    • A short animated logo, if done right, will have a higher share percentage on social media. The more your brand can be exposed, the better.
  6. Bring to life Ideas and Objects

    • Logo as total creative freedom. Because of this, we can make your ideas, your business, come to life in you logo. Are you a construction company that build houses? Well we can make your logo look like it is a blueprint that build into a house, that becomes your logo. It is more than a logo now, more than an animation, it is a story of your business.

Our Service

We will make your logo stand out! No matter your level of complexity you want your logo to be, we can create, animate, and enhance it. From simple 2D animations to 3D animations with multiple moving parts and even as advanced as having characters that help introduce or create a "short" like the Pixar's 'i' lamp intro. We can create something that you will brag about, have on display in every possible location, and most importantly, be remembered by your clients.

Logo Animation and Virtual Tours

We found that Logo Animation and virtual tours go hand-in-hand. A virtual tour shows off your business, and a Logo represents your business name. What a better way to show off your virtual tour than have your animated logo play before they walk inside your business. This double connection with your business, logo introduction to facility viewing creates a stronger and longer lasting impression on the viewers.

Logo Creation Level

Click the + symbol to read about each Logo Level detail - watch the videos to see samples.

Feel free to order a logo now or fill out the form at the bottom of the page for us to contact you so you can learn more.


$250 Holiday Special Sale: $99

High Definition

2D Animation of your Current Logo

Up to 15 Second Animation

No Music Added

Estimated 5 Day Delivery Turnaround


$335 Limited time only Sale: $250

HD and 2K

2D or simple 3D Animation of Current Logo

5 to 10 Second Animation

No Music Added

Multiple File Formats

Estimated 5 Day Delivery Turnaround


$480 Limited time only Sale: $300

HD and 2K

3D Animation of Current Logo with Adjustments if Desired

Up to 15 Seconds

One Version will have Royalty Free Music Added

2 Options of Production Animation before production

Multiple File Formats

Estimated 8 business Day Turnaround


$700 + Limited time only Sale: $480+

HD and 2K

Up to 30 Seconds

3D Animation of Current Logo

Optional Custom Create new Logo

Discussion of Multiple Options of Animations before production

Multiple version including, royalty free music version, shortened version, and full length

Multiple File Formats

Estimated 15 Business Day Turnaround

Q: What is the Process?

A: First, you submit your name and email from above. We will contact you within 12 hours (business days). We will email you and see what you are interested in, any ideas you may have, and what logo level production you are interested in. Once we get that information along with a copy of your logo, and you give us the go ahead, we will send an invoice and Terms of Service, and get the ball rolling. You can also ask question with the below form.

Q: Which Logo Level should I choose?

A: There is not right or wrong Level. Some multi-million dollar law firms want small 2 dimensional logos, while some small jewelry-type shops want intricate 3 dimensional logos. It will be totally up to you, your tastes, and what you think reflects your business.

Q: I want a 3D animation, but I am unsure of the differences in Levels. Why choose standard over professional over premium Level?

A: Standard level is basically taking your logo and placing it in a 3D environment. Your logo itself may not be animated and might stay as a 2D logo, however we add 3D features to add depth, reveal and flare.

Professional is where we work the logo to become part of the 3D environment. This means, the logo itself will have 3D depth, and will become part of the environment in which is animated. A much greater “wow” factor.

Premium is where your logo comes to life. This could mean that there are different aspects to the logo, where things are changing, viewpoints are changing, or we might even have a mini animated character or short story to help reveal the logo. This might be something like Pixar’s ‘i’ being a worklight and replacing the ‘i’. Another example would be a construction company having a wreckingball destroy a building to reveal the logo.

Q: How would a 2D animation improve my logo?

A: No matter what, animating a logo is cool. So even taking your 2D logo and making it move in 2D world with multiple moving parts with overlaps and reveals will make your logo have a lasting memorable impact.

Q: I have a logo, but I do not like it. Can you design a new one for me?

A: Although this usually falls into the "premium" level, we can do this as a separate process. Basically, we will look at your current logo, discuss with you your ideas, and draw up four pencil and paper drafts for you to choose from. If you do not like any of those, we will develop four more, and so on. Each development of the four logos costs $50, and the then the final production of a logo (not animation, just the logo), is another $125.

Q: How and where do I use my logo?

A: There are many places you can use this. You can put it at the start or end of any commercials you might have, screen savers on TV in the office or computers, email tags, start of your virtual tour we can create for you. You should also upload it to YouTube for all to see. You will own the files, so you can share them as much as you want. Your only limit in use is your imagination.

Because it is an animated logo, you won’t be able to put it on prints. You may if you want do a screen capture of the logo and print it, but this will be up to you, or ask us and we can send an image from the production process.

Q: What if after you create the logo but I end up hating the design?

A: This is very rare since we do the best we can to base it off your interest. However, in such a case, we will refund half your money. We believe this is fair as we did need to pay our staff to create this, but you are also not getting anything in return. You will not get the files, and if you already had the files, you must delete them. You will have no rights to use them or display the animated logo or design. We will keep the animation on file for 2 months incase you change you mind and want to pay the balance.

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