Resources and Information regarding

255 Burns Rd Home

New York State Elecric & Gas  (NYSEG)
For setting up an acccount for electrice service

Setup an account

Cable & Internet
Time Warner Cable is the only available Cable TV and High-speed Internet provider for the area.  You can also get land-line phone service from them if you want it.

Setup Account
Local Cable Branch Office Location

Municipal Water Service
This is the public water service provider - Bolton Point.   I will be adding your name to the account is "in care of", so you do not need to do anything there as far as setting up an account.  
Once per quarter they will mail a green-colored water meter reading card.  You will need to go to the meter in the basement and write the numbers on the card.  You can either mail the card back to them or you can enter the number on their website.  They will send you a bill based on that reading a week or two later.  It is your responsibility to pay that bill.

Heating Oil
You can certainly get heating oil from any provider you wish.  This  website provides you with a listing of local providers.  You can call each to  find the best deal each time you need to get the tank filled.
If you choose to use only the furnace to heat the home you can plan on going through 3 tanks of heating oil per 12 months (approx $1500)

Propane (cooking)
There are a few provider options.  We've always use Erhart Propane.  It is such a small ticket item ($30 +/- once per quarter) that we never shopped price.  They just show up on a regular schedule and leave a bill on the door.
Here is a listing of propane suppliers

Recycling / Trash
The recycling is picked up a the curb every other Tuesday.   There is no fee for recycle pick up.
Trash service is fee-based.
You can learn about the recycle pick-up schedule and arrange for trash service only from the Tompkins County Solid Waste website here.

Lawn Care and Snow Plowing
This service is contracted to Green Scene Landscaping and paid by us.  
They are contracted to plow the driveway on snowfalls of 2 - 3 inches and greater.
They will provide lawn mowing throughout the growing season
They will clean the rain gutters twice per year
They will clean the leaves from the yard in the Fall
They will clean and turn on the Koi pond in the Spring. You will need to grant them access into the basement to shut off the water supply to the Koi pond during their Fall clean-up.

Heating System -  Repair / Emergency Service
This is contracted service to Mirabito Energy.  They will provide annual cleaning and maintenance.
They are on-call 24/7 for emergency and non-emergency service should the heating system have need.  
Their emergency line is 607-272-2250 or nights & weekends at 800-582-2156
You should call them directly for all emergency heating needs.  They will contact you to schedule the annual service and maintenance service.

Other Household Repair and Emergency Repair Needs
In the event there are other household repair needs please contact Jim Hilker right away.  If it is an emergency repair need and you cannot reach Jim Hilker then please immediately call Austin Construction:
Office:  607-539-7564
Cell phone:  607-227-0118

There are two heating zones in the house, one that covers the dining room and office, the other covers the rest of the house.  These are controlled by two thermostats, one located in the office, the other in the living room near the foyer.
There is no house cooling system.
The thermostats are the Nest wireless networked type.  They can be controlled manually as well as from your smartphone.
 Please note that for maximum benefit of the Nest system you must have your home network up and running.
Nest Setup Guide

Wood stove
The wood stove is a top of the line Jotul brand and only 2 years old.  If you feel like dealing with firewood, you can effectively heat all of the main house with the wood stove (will not help much for dining room / office areas).  If you decide to use it for main heating source plan on burning 2.5 - 3 full cords of wood throughout the heating season (approx $600 in firewood).  This will reduce your heating oil needs down to 1 tank per 12 months (approx $600).
The trick with a Jotul wood stove is starting the fire.  You will learn quickly that this is the biggest hassle with burning the stove.  Once you have it going and a good bed of hot coals the stove does an amazing job.  It's just a lot of work to get the fire burning and you MUST do it right and follow these instruction exactly.
NEVER open the ash clean-out door during the fire starting process!
You can order firewood from Finger Lakes Firewood.  They sell & deliver in 2.5 or 5 cord quantities.  You should order it in July and get it stacked and covered right away so that it is adequately dry for burning by October.

Making Monthly Rent Payments

Jim & Liz Hilker -  Forwarding Address:

508 Fallbrook Drive
Venice FL  34292
House Phone: 914-408-0244
Cell Phone:  607-227-1367

You may pay by check, or we can setup bank transfer on the 1st day of each month if you use either Wells Fargo or Bank of America.