Virtual Tour /  Street View Indoors
Program Details

Effective Jan 1 - July 31, 2017

!!  It is vital that you read this document in it's entirety before paying the invoice for your participation fee !!

Let's just get to the important things - shall we?

  • $260 for first year / $200 for the second year. These are required fees.
  • You may opt to pay the second year fee in advance and save $20
  • This WILL boost your Google Local Search listing!  
  • You get a truly AWESOME high-end Virtual Tour of your business establishment for display on your website
  • You can post it on your Facebook timeline
  • This will drive more prospects to you - and help grow your business

The Price:

  • $460 start-up fee (split into two annual installmenst $260 / $200), comes with 5 panoramic images and a lifetime unlimited use-rights license upon payment of the second year installment.
  • Any additional panoramic images added at the photo shoot are $60 each, to be paid by credit card at the photo shoot
  • No follow up monthly or annual fees after second year installment



  •  The set-up fee comes with three - 360 degree professionally photographed spherical panoramic images  (additional images may be added during the photo shoot at $60 each)
  • A highly immersive and engaging custom Virtual Tour production provided for your website - 

  • The same panoramic images published onto your Google Business Listing

  • Hosting 

  • Links and images provided for display in Facebook and other social media

  • Interface with VR Goggles, smartphone, laptop and desktop displays

  • Google Analytics view stat tracking

  1. Scheduling & Payment
    • Full payment of start-up and second year installment fees must be paid by credit card. First year fee is due upon scheduling your photo shoot. Second year fee will be auto-charged to your credit card on file 11 months following the first payment. If your card on file fails to process you will be emailed an invoice that must be paid upon receipt.  
    • The balance of your project (that is any additional shots you have the photographer capture) is due at the time of the photo shoot via credit card. The photo shoot will not commence until that balance is paid - Please have your credit card on-hand at the photo shoot.
  2. The Photo Shoot Process
    1. The  images included with your start-up package may be captured anywhere you wish.  If you add more, they are $60 each, and can also be of any space (inside or outside) you wish.
    2. After you determine the number of images you need / want, the photographer will provide you with the total additional image count.  You must sign-off for approval at that time
    3. Photographer will then call our home office with that additional shot count which will immediately be charged to your credit card on file (from the payment of your project deposit), and the s/he will proceed with the photo shoot
  3. The Production:
    1. We produce the spherical images into a custom, professional,  Virtual Reality Virtual Tour
    2. We host and serve your virtual tour production from our high-speed panoramic Virtual Tour server
  4. The Deliverables
    • We provide you with the link and HTML code so that you can display your custom virtual tour on your website 
    • We provide you with login access to the Google Analytics for your Virtual Tour to view and analyze the viewer traffic 
    • We provide you with single panoramic images periodically for you to post on your Facebook timeline
    • Upon request, we can provide a "packaged" version for installing on a local machine so that it can be viewed if there is no web connection (additional fees apply) 
    •  We will publish the same panoramic images to your Google Maps listing at no additional charges (significantly enhances your Google Local Search Marketing)  


  1. The photo shoot session is very fast and non-intrusive.  It will not disrupt your business activities.  A typical start-up package takes 15 - 30 minutes on-site.  If you are not prepared for you photo shoot upon our arrival there will be a "waiting fee" charged to your credit card totaling $25 for every 15 minutes we are waiting for you to get ready.  This fee also applies if you are not present and we have to wait for you to show up.  We will leave after 30 minutes if you are still not prepared or present.  Please note there are NO REFUNDS of your start-up fee or waiting fees charged to your credit card.  If we were unable to proceed with your photo shoot for any reason, or we had to postpone, your photo shoot will be re-scheduled for our next available date.
  2. If you cancel your scheduled photo shoot you will NOT be refunded, unless we are able to fill your held spot with another business prior to the scheduled photo shoot day.  You are welcome to sell or give your spot to another local business, or donate it to a charity and receive tax credit for that.
  3. Absolutely no production of your virtual tour will commence (or even be scheduled) if you have any outstanding balance due on your account.
  4. We have no control over how Google will display the images in the future and we are not responsible nor liable for the Google display of your panoramic images.  We will attempt to assist if there is an issue with Google's display of those images, but we may or may not have any success with that assistance, and we may opt not to assist if it is something we know we cannot change with Google..  
  5. It's typically better quality to get few or no people in the imagery, however we know that is not often possible.  We take care in watching people-movement and try hard to minimized the negative effect of capturing people in the pictures.  
  6. We can do inside or outside tripod spots, or a combination of both
  7. Photo shoot sessions scheduled before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM are charge an additional $75 fee, which will be added to the initial invoice and must be paid prior to the photo shoot session
  8. Your paid invoice signifies your agreement and acceptance with the following:
    • you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions within document in it's entirety and acknowledge this as a binding contractual agreement.
    • If applicable, you authorize PlacesMobile Inc to charge your credit card for any additional panoramic images (above those included in your start-up package) you ordered at the time of the photo shoot, and for the second year installment.
    • if applicable, you authorize PlacesMobile Inc to charge your credit card for waiting fees as outlined above