Program Details

Participation BENEFITS to your Business

  • You receive a custom high-end Virtual Reality Virtual Tour of your business establishment for display on your website
  • Huge boost to your Google Local SEO - we publish the same virtual tour to your Google Maps Street View listing, with KEYWORDS added.
  • 360 degree images for Facebook display
  • Engages your targeted audience with your business
  • Boosts your local search marketing,  SEO, and page rank
  • Be displayed in the local  Virtual Business Directory 
  • You may opt to get a 360 degree advertising video-slideshow for Facebook
  • You may opt to get a 360 degree Virtual Reality video

THE Packages:

Package #1.  Custom Virtual Reality Virtual Tour - See Example Here
This requires a 2-year program participation COMMITMENT

$200 start-up fee - includes below pkg 1 description
$200 Mandatory second-year installment due one year later 

Pkg 1 Includes:

  •  Two - 360 degree professionally photographed spherical panoramic images  (additional images may be added at $60 each)
  • A highly immersive and engaging Virtual Reality Virtual Tour production provided for your website

  • Links and images provided for display in Facebook and other social media

  • Works on iOS, Android, Windows, and all browsers

  • Works with VR Goggles, smartphone, laptop and desktop displays

  • Google Analytics view stat tracking

  • Free publishing to your Google My Business listing providing a "Street View" virtual tour of your business in Google.

Package #2. Add-on Option - 360 degree slideshow Advertisements for Facebook & Youtube 

  • Uses the same panoramic images captured in the VR Virtual Tour

  • $195 for the starter video - up to 30 seconds with 3 of your panoramic images, background music, and narration.

  • Add additional panoramic images to video - adds 10 seconds per image @ $40 each.

 Package #3. Custom Filmed 360 degree VR video -
$399 start-up package

  • 360 degree video captured on-location
  • Start-up package up to 60 second finished video / up to 15 minutes of on-site filming
  • Add $100 for each additional 10 minutes on-site filming (equals about 15 - 20 seconds finished video)
  • Viewable on Facebook, YouTube, your website, and Virtual Reality headsets.
  • Hosting, Support, License fee - $95 starting year #2


  1. Scheduling & Payment
    • The 1st year Start-up fee of $200 is due and payable by credit card upon scheduling your photo shoot  
    • The balance of your project (that is any additional shots you have the photographer capture) is due at the time of the photo shoot via credit card. The photo shoot will not commence until that balance is paid - Please have your credit card on-hand at the photo shoot.
    • The 2nd year program participation fee will be auto-charged to your credit card 11 months after your virtual tour is live.
  2. The Photo Shoot Process
    • Our professional photographer comes to your business on the scheduled photo shoot day.
    • S/he will walk your facility with you so that the two of you can discuss the areas you wish to include in your virtual tour.  
      • The location of the images to be captured must follow this specific process: 
        • The first shot is to be approx 15 feet outside the main entrance to the facility
        • The second shot is to be just 4 feet inside the main entrance, but must be in clear sight from where the first shot was taken.
        • All subsequent shot after the second one must not exceed 15 feet spacing and must be positioned within clear sight from where the previous shot was captured.
        • Exceptions to the 15 feet spacing requirement is allowed for additional exterior shots as well as in long hallways.
    • The photographer will provide you with the total additional shot count resulting from that walk-through.  You must sign-off for approval at that time.
    • Photographer will immediately call our home office with that additional shot count which will immediately be charged to your credit card on file (from the payment of your project deposit).
  3. The Production:
    • We produce the spherical images into a Virtual Reality Virtual Tour
    • We host and serve your virtual tour production from our high-speed panoramic Virtual Tour server.
  4. The Deliverables
    • We provide you with the link and HTML code so that you can display your custom virtual tour on your website
    • We provide you with login access to the Google Analytics for your Virtual Tour to view and analyze the viewer traffic.
    • We provide you with single panoramic images periodically per request for you to post on your Facebook timeline.
    • Upon request, we can provide a "packaged" version for installing on a local machine so that it can be viewed if there is no web connection (additional fees apply)
    •  We will publish the same panoramic images to your Google Maps listing at no additional charges (enhances your Local Search Marketing)

The photo shoot session is very fast and non-intrusive.  It will not disrupt your business activities.  A typical start-up package takes 30 - 40 minutes on-site.
Please note that absolutely no production of your virtual tour will commence (or even be scheduled) if you have any outstanding balance due on your account.

Things to consider:

  1. The mandatory second year follow up fee will be auto charged to your credit card 1 year from the date of your original start-up fee invoice.  You may opt to pay this as part of your first year invoice and receive a 10% discount. - just let us know at the time of your scheduling if you wish to do this.
  2. Continuing your virtual tour display beyond the second year is optional.  The annual hosting, support, and license fee for year three and beyond is $95.  This is NOT  auto-charged to your credit card. 
  3. It's typically better quality to get few or no people in the imagery, however we know that is not often possible.  We take care in watching people-movement and try hard to minimized the negative effect of capturing people in the pictures.  
  4. We can do inside or outside tripod spots, or a combination of both.
  5. Your year 2 follow-up fee of $199 is not impacted by adding more images to your initial package.

Important other information:

  • Photo shoot sessions scheduled before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM are charge an additional $70 fee, which will be added to the initial invoice and must be paid prior to the photo shoot session. 
  • Read, print, and understand the Terms of Service .Your paid deposit signifies you have read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Service and this Program Details page.